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Toothpaste - 1,100 Gr.

Sale price $ 759.00 Regular price $ 935.00

Product: Anti-Bacterial Toothpaste - 1,100 Gr.

Description: Naturalmente toothpaste is made from 100% natural ingredients. 100% free of fluoride, alcohol, artificial colors and preservatives.
Commercial Presentation: Amber glass container.
Content (gr): 1,100
SKU: CD-0309
  • Ingredients: USP Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbitol, Food Grade Baking Soda, Xanthan Gum, 100% Natural Food Grade Essential Oils with Certificate of Analysis.
  • Appearance: Viscous liquid
  • How to use: Brush your teeth after each meal, three times a day or whatever your dentist recommends. Rinse thoroughly at the end of brushing. 
  • Ecology information data: Recycled and reusable glass container. Label on recycled paper.
  • Biodegradability %: 100%
  • Container handling precaution: Handling precaution, glass container.
  • Special precautions: Transport precaution: Cover the container well and use cushioning material of plant origin.
  • In case of spillage: Because it is a biodegradable product and not classified as a dangerous chemical substance, it can be rinsed and sent to the drain.

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