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Kit - Create Your Own Soaps

Sale price $ 589.00 Regular price $ 699.00

Product: Kit - Create Your Own Soaps

Description: DIY kit for making glycerin soaps. An excellent activity to do at home with top quality natural supplies. 

With this kit you can make between 10 and 12 glycerin soaps. All the supplies are natural, it includes 2 bottles of 5ml. of essential oils for you to use in your soaps, providing excellent quality aromatherapy benefits. 

You can customize your soaps with clays, mud and activated carbon, depending on the benefit you want in each bar of soap. 

We include a bottle with oatmeal so you can make your own exfoliating soap and 2 luffas to make exfoliating body soaps. 

When making your purchase, we will send you an instruction guide in which we will take you step by step so that you have no doubts when making your soaps. 

*Activity suitable for children, with the help of an adult and always under supervision. 

Commercial Presentation: Supplies to make soaps at home. 
Contains (pieces): 13
SKU: KJ-0101

  • 2 silicone molds (variable shape, color and capacities)
  • 500gr. translucent olive oil glycerin
  • 500gr. white olive oil glycerin
  • 2 essential oils of 5ml. (variables)
  • 2 luffas with ixtle cord. 
  • 1 bottle with 25gr. of oats
  • 1 bottle with 25gr. red clay
  • 1 bottle with 25gr. green clay
  • 1 bottle with 20gr. activated carbon
  • 1 wooden stirrers

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