2040: un documental para ver con nuestros niños

2040: a documentary to watch with our children


In recent days we talked to you about the importance of environmental education and for that reason we want to talk to you about this documentary "2040" that shows what our planet would be like in the year 2040 if we all did a bit in favor of our environment.

Director Damon Gameau, who is also the protagonist, teaches his 4-year-old daughter how our planet could be regenerated if all of us as individuals and governments did something to improve it. This documentary will take us to different parts of the world to show us local actions to lead a sustainable life.

On this trip they pass through Bangladesh where they find a community where each house produces its own energy and sells it to each other, which not only generates clean energy, but also moves the local economy.

We can also see information on regenerative agriculture, green means of transport, regeneration of marine flora and fauna and the circular economy. It shows us graphically what 2040 would be like.

An important point in this documentary is how environmental education plays a very important role in children's lives, as an example it tells us how if our children receive education they delay the age at which they have children Therefore, there are fewer children and consumerism slows down.

As a result of the premiere of this documentary, millions of dollars have been raised for different ecological associations and more people have joined associations to help our environment.


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