Our measures against COVID-19
Naturally Ecological Products Laboratory SAS de CV
(internal protocols)


For us, your peace of mind and health is our priority over the spread prevention actions that some states are carrying out in Mexico.

We are implementing new protocols, in addition to the already strict usual hygiene processes in our laboratory.

Actions implemented:

  1. Laboratory disinfection is being carried out twice a day, the same one commonly used in hospitals, based on the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) based on 70% alcohol.
  2. We have restructured lab staff shifts. A strict protocol was implemented in which only 1 person is allowed access at a time per work area, this in order to offer extreme security to our chemists, collaborators, distributors and customers. Note : There is a possibility that delivery times will be lengthened due to the preventive actions we are taking, it will be notified.
  3. We reiterate : The gloves and masks that we use in production are for single use and are disposed of using the appropriate techniques in force, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) . Source: 
  4. Our chemists always wear clean gowns, to avoid contamination of clothing.
  5. Personal hygiene products will have priority for their production, such as soap, shampoo, deodorants and dental hygiene products. We appreciate your understanding. You can always send us your questions or comments to



Our measures against COVID-19
Laboratorio de Productos Ecológicos Naturalmente SAS de CV
(packaging and shipping of national packages)


To all our distributors and customers:

As providers of personal care products we want to share with you that we are taking the necessary precautions for the packaging of your products and packages, we are following the recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) .

If you are about to receive a package:
  1. Try to keep at least 1 meter distance between the person making the delivery.
  2. In case the parcel requires your signature, try to sign with your own pen.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after handling the package and avoid touching your face.
  4. Disinfect the surfaces, it is likely that for a while you will receive your package with a packer so that you can easily disinfect it before opening it.

World Health Organization (WHO)
"... the risk of contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 by contact with a package that has been handled, transported and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is low."

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)


Let's follow the official recommendations, avoid sharing unverified information and vibrate high to cope with this situation of change on our planet.