Antitranspirante: peligroso por dentro y por fuera

Antiperspirant: dangerous inside and out

The Egyptians used essential oils in an attempt to control body odor, so far we were fine, however, for many years, the great mistake of associating sweating with bad smell was made. Today we know that bad odor comes from bacteria that live in the armpits and not from sweat itself, so why fight against something natural in our body? 

Do you know the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

Super summarized, the deodorant kills bacteria in order to avoid bad odor. The antiperspirant has two jobs: it kills bacteria to reduce odor and covers your pores with aluminum to reduce sweating. But ... let's remember that sweating is a way of eliminating toxins from our body, let's not stop this process with the use of synthetic antiperspirants. 

As we often read, there are certain ingredients that we should avoid in our deodorants and antiperspirants, such as parabens, aluminum, triclosan, artificial colors and fragrances. Studies have shown that high levels of aluminum have been found in brain tissue from people with Alzheimer's and in breast tissues from women with breast cancer. If these elements are so easy to avoid in our bodies, why not make the switch to a natural option ?

Just as commercial antiperspirants can be harmful on the inside, they can be harmful on the outside: the plastic packaging in which most of these products come stays for years on our planet and often ends up contaminating the soil or water. Currently there is a great diversity of natural , organic and even vegan deodorant options , including some in recycled cardboard containers, using zero plastic.

Forget that natural does not work, that is from the past, give yourself a chance and try an option without chemicals or industrialized ingredients and I assure you that you will be surprised by the results. Remember that sweating is not synonymous with smelling bad.

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El desodorante de alumbre con agua de rosas es extraordinario, a mi me ha funcionado increíblemente bien. Lo recomiendo ampliamente!!


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