¿Arcillas para mejorar el cabello?

Clays to improve hair?

If you are looking for natural alternatives to repair your hair, clays and mud may be the remedy you are looking for. Clays and mud contain many minerals that can benefit you in general.

Specifically for hair, clays and mud provide minerals which allow to regulate pH, detoxify your hair, help regulate diseases such as dandruff, regulate bait production, stimulate growth, among other benefits.

A clay hair mask is not applicable on a daily basis, ideally it should be treated as a biweekly or monthly treatment. The masks are easy to prepare, here is the recipe:

- Add the clay of your choice to a container .
- Apply the liquid: it can be water, but if you want a better effect you can use an infusion, rose water, etc.
- Apple cider vinegar with the mother (ideal for curly hair).
- Mix everything and let it rest for about 10 minutes in your hair.
- Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and apply natural conditioner .

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