Beneficios de la cera de candelilla

Candelilla wax benefits

Candelilla wax is obtained from the Euphorbia antisyphilitica Zucc or Euphorbia cerifera plant, better known as the candelilla plant. That is the first benefit of this wax, an excellent vegan alternative to beeswax. In addition to being vegetable wax, candelilla wax has properties that protect your skin from dehydration, since when applied to your skin it forms a protective film. It adds shine and freshness to your skin to keep it healthy, in addition to not leaving a greasy feeling, which is what many of us avoid when we look for body creams. Candelilla wax is found in many natural cosmetic products (and not so natural ones) since due to its properties it gives the perfect consistency to cosmetics. Our Solid body lotion and lip balm contain candelilla wax, give them a try and tell me what you think.

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