¡Bota tu luffa de plástico!

Throw away your plastic luffa!

Nature has given you a luffa, there is no need to buy a plastic one in the supermarket, there is no good in them, they only pollute, while natural ones have many benefits.

It is known as luffa, scourer, grass or whatever you call it, the important thing is all the benefits it has:
- It is totally natural, it is a plant (it looks like a pumpkin), therefore it is 100% biodegradable.
- They are very durable, they do not fall apart like plastic ones.
- They keep free of impurities and dead skin.
- Motivate blood circulation (bone prevents cellulite).
- Prevents the accumulation of fat, therefore prevents acne and blackheads.
- Its price is very accessible, if they want to sell it to you for $ 300, don't buy it (as in a certain Spanish clothing store).

In short, natural loofahs are far better than a plastic loofah.

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