Champú convencional vs champú natural

Conventional shampoo vs natural shampoo

Switching from a conventional shampoo to a natural one is quite a transition. Don't expect your hair to not react to a sudden change. Most of us have a lifetime of washing our hair with conventional shampoo and when we change to a natural one , our hair will suffer.

So what to expect when you make the switch?
- Your hair will not feel silky: conventional shampoo contains sulfates that fill the pores of each hair, as if they were restoring your hair, this is why your hair feels silky. This eventually affects the natural oils in your hair causing dryness and dandruff.
-Your hair will be really clean: this is because the natural ingredients will be removing those traces of sulfates and your hair may feel a little rough or not so silky.

What can we do?
- The first thing is to continue using the natural shampoo , little by little you will get used to it and your hair will be healthy.
- Make sure to remove the shampoo well, since if there are remains, your hair can look caked and / or oily.
- Use a natural conditioner to soften your hair and help you detangle.

The key to this transition is patience and remembering that it is a small effort to help your health and the health of your planet.

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