¿Cómo inició Naturalmente? Parte 1/4

How did Naturalmente start? Part 1/4

It is a bit difficult to explain, because several paths led us to start this life project, we will try to open our hearts in several blog entries.

We bring the entrepreneurial seed since we were little, each founding member of Naturalmente we were undertaking at school, with friends or family, since we were little we always knew that innovating and offering a need to our potential client was something that we were passionate about.

Over the years the whole issue of nature, planting trees, composting, studying the properties of plants, among other things, was something that we became more and more passionate about.

After several ventures, which all contributed to Naturalmente in many ways, in 2018 Naturalmente began to be born. Several situations led us to want to start on this path.

Reason 1: the extensive benefits of essential oils. When we first met them, we couldn't believe that one drop of essential oil could do so many wonders. We began to use them for our discomforts, to make our houses smell good, to meditate, to calm stress, for an endless number of situations. Essential oils came to us to give us a powerful message.

In the following blog posts we will be talking about the rest of the reasons that led us to start our project Naturalmente..

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