¿Cómo inició Naturalmente? Parte 2/4

How did Naturalmente start? Part 2/4

Another of the situations for which we are motivated to start this project is for the health of our loved ones. We knew that our general health would be better if the products we use every day were free of toxic chemicals or highly processed products. We found that some of our friends and family had had problems with their antiperspirants: they formed postula (they are like pimples or balls) in their armpits, after visiting the doctor they understood that it was caused by the accumulation of the product and closed pores thanks to the effects of the same products. The alternative offered by doctors was to use deodorant and stop using antiperspirants. Let's understand that antiperspirant covers your pores so you don't sweat and the bad smell is not actually caused by sweat, but by bacteria, a natural deodorant can fight bad smell bacteria. So that's where our curiosity to create a deodorant was born. We knew that there were already many in the market, but to distinguish ourselves from the others we wanted to give it a plus: - Totally natural deodorant. - Serve the whole day. - That the formula is created and tested by professionals. - That is ecological. - Its packaging is beautiful. - Comply with Mexican standards. That is when we formally begin this journey. Wait for part 3 of 4 in our next blog post. Part 1 https://naturalmente.store/blogs/noticias/como-inicio-naturalmente-parte-1-4
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