¿Cómo inició Naturalmente? Parte 3/4

How did Naturalmente start? Part 3/4

We investigate containers, supplies, formulas, everything that will be needed to make our deodorant the best. In the team we were two chemists and two marketers, while the chemists created a thousand formulas and did tests, the markets looked for packaging, added value and that our product looked beautiful.

And that's how our neutral stick deodorant was born, followed by peppermint and cedar-cypress. We have always thought that our clients have all the personal care products on hand, that is why after creating the deodorants, the same shampoos of peppermint, cedar-cypress and mint were formulated.

Having these products, we set out on an adventure, first locally and later nationally with distributors who trusted us and thanks to them we made ourselves known to all of you.

It is easy to read but they were days of a lot of sleeplessness, a lot of stress, frustrations because we did not have the product as we wanted it, but it was all worth it when we received messages from you telling us that you were the best deodorant or the best shampoo.

The story does not end here, soon we will upload the last part of our story.

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