Cuidados y tips de tu vela de soya

Care and tips for your soy candle

We are frequently asked about caring for our candles or how to use them more efficiently. We leave you here a list of how to use them better:

- When not in use, keep it to keep it free of dust.
- The maximum ignition duration must be between an hour and a half and two hours.
- Avoid moving them when they are on, better turn it off to transport it safely.
- You always have to be watching her for your safety.
- Place the impeller on a flat surface so that your candle burns evenly.
- Cool places are ideal to have your candle, places like the car are not good, less when several hours pass.
- Lighting: when lighting it we must wait for the entire first layer of candle wax to be consumed, for the correct next lighting.
- Ignition: direct the flame of the lighter to the middle part of the wick, be patient, it takes a few seconds to ignite correctly. It won't ignite fast.

What other questions do you have? Do you have any tips to take better care of the candles?

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