Descubre los beneficios de la Manteca de Karité

Discover the benefits of Shea Butter





shea butter is a vegetable fat, which is extracted from a nut of an African tree, is also called tree butter .

This butter brings many benefits for your entire body, especially your hair and skin, that is why you will see shea butter in many products with natural ingredients .

Benefits for your hair

  • If you have very dry hair , this butter will help to moisturize it. 
  • It also keeps your hair hydrated and also conditions it to improve brushing.
  • It serves as an aid for hair growth as it contains vitamins that promote natural fatty acids.
  • Your hair needs sunscreen too, shea is great to do that job. 

Benefits for your skin

  • If you feel that your skin is dry apply shea butter, you will see very fast results.
  • It protects you from the sun, cold, wind, etc.
  • Its high content of vitamins and minerals will regenerate and repair your skin , helping it to look smoother and healthier. 

At Naturalmente Eco-Lógicos ® we are always looking for the best ingredients for you, that's why our lip balm , deodorant stick , body cream  and solid conditioner  contain quality shea butter, we are sure you will love it. 

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