Día Internacional Sin Bolsas de Plástico

International Day Without Plastic Bags

There is increasing awareness on the subject, but there are those who continue to resist not accepting a plastic bag. "It's just a bag!" This is what thousands and thousands of people said and now our oceans and the entire planet in general are full of plastic bags.

That is why it is important that we continue to insist and that we have an international day without plastic bags, there are still people who do not understand gravity or do not want to see it. Yes, there has been progress on the issue, they have been banned in several states, but not 100% or there is simply no penalty for those who do not comply.

According to Greenpeace: these products remain in our ecosystems for tens or even hundreds of years and during this time they interact with up to 700 marine species, causing the death of 100,000 marine mammals a year and a million birds. In addition, scientific studies have shown that the fragmentation of these items is flooding practically every corner of our planet with microplastics, from rivers and seas, to clouds, rainwater or dust that blows with the wind. From the Mariana Trench, one of the deepest places in the ocean, to the Arctic ice.

To do?
- Do not accept plastic bags in any establishment.
- Load your car with many reusable bags, both for fruit and vegetables, as well as for the whole supermarket.
- Did you forget the bags? Load in hands or carry-on bag until you get to your car
- Do you ride public transport? If you can not carry it in your hands, bags (hand or pants) buy a bag of the same super, but make sure you do not forget it.
- At home try to have them on hand, near your door so that when you go out you can see them and do not forget them.
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