Día Mundial del Árbol

World Tree Day

The world forestry congress proclaims June 28 the world tree day, they are so important that their value is incalculable. Imagine a world without trees, they are the lungs of our planet, they help to improve the climate and purify the air.

The objective is to inform about the importance of trees and educate ourselves in the care of them. It is also important that we receive this information from a young age so that it can be passed on for generations. 

Here are some of the wonders trees do for us: 

- They reduce the greenhouse effect by releasing oxygen. 

- They avoid floods.

- They prevent soil erosion and favor agriculture.

- They are the habitat of fauna and flora.

- Source of raw material: paper, fuel, fiber, cork, etc.

How to celebrate this day?

- Plant a tree, preferably one from your region and shade. 

- Educate the little ones (and the not so little ones) about its importance.

- Take care of them! Provide the necessary care to preserve them. 

What other activity can you think of?

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