Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente y Lucha Contra la Pesca Ilegal

World Environment Day and Fight Against Illegal Fishing

According to a United Nations article Every three seconds, the world loses an area of ​​forest equivalent to a football field and, in the last century alone, we have destroyed half of our wetlands. 50% of our coral reefs have already been lost and by 2050, up to 90% could disappear, even if global warming is limited to an increase of 1.5 ° C.

It reads alarming and it is, that is why the importance of having a World Environment Day. It is important to ask ourselves what are we doing to save it? If you think that a small change does not work, you are wrong, we need more people with small changes.

Now that we are in election time, it is our task to investigate what proposals the candidates have in favor of our environment. It is also important not to judge our families and friends because they have not made any changes, it is better to educate them, give them alternatives, help them make small changes little by little.

Check out this UN video for inspiration https://youtu.be/wIH5DTqtnwE

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