Disfrutemos a nuestra Madre Tierra

Let's enjoy our Mother Earth

When you are invited to a friend or relative's house, do you throw the garbage on the floor? Do you leave your belongings scattered? Do you destroy what you see around you? Sure your answer is NO. 

The same thing happens with us here on Earth, we are only guests, we do not own it and we cannot do what we please, it's that simple. So why do you throw away your garbage? Why do you cut down trees excessively? Why do you kill animals? I could ask you many more questions, but I think you already understood my point. 

I leave a list of simple actions to help our planet: 

- Take care of the water.

- Take care of the animals: lower your meat consumption.

- Save energy.

- Reduce your plastic consumption.

- Separate your garbage.

- Share your means of transport.

- Consume environmentally  friendly products  .

How about? It's not that difficult is it?


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