¿La espuma es realmente necesaria para la limpieza de mi cabello?

Is foam really necessary for cleaning my hair?

Continuing with the topic of our last blog, now I want us to talk about a subject that I am frequently questioned: the foam of the shampoo.

Again, we are so used to our entire lives using a shampoo that made us a great lather that we think that is the equivalent of cleaning, the more lather the cleaner my hair is. 

The foam is not the cleaning agent in a shampoo, it is its active ingredients, to understand it better, the foam is only decoration and helps you to clean your hair easier. 

When you wash your hair with a natural liquid or solid shampoo it is important that you notice how much foam it is making, if the product is natural the level of foam will be little or no. If you were told that your shampoo is natural but lathering a lot then you should check the ingredient list on the label.

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