Maquillaje falso: Episodio de "Sociedad de Consumo"

Fake makeup: "Consumer Society" episode

Our great companion in this pandemic has been Netflix, which has shown us fiction series, movies and great documentaries, such as "Sociedad de Consumo" (Broken in English), it is a docuseries where various topics are discussed, including fake makeup. 

This first episode tells us about how advertising has made us want to consume all the cosmetics that we see on social networks, that influencers use and that look beautiful but that many times we do not have enough budget to buy them or we stop buying more basic things for wanting to have those cosmetics. 

And that's where you start to see the product you want but cheaper, but much cheaper. The reason it is cheaper is because it is fake, pirated, cloned or whatever you want to call it. 

The documentary shows us a great investigation on several cases of people who have bought these fake products and have had some reaction to them, such as the girl who bought lipsticks and her lips stuck, because the lipstick had instant glue that is used for the construction and many cases very similar to this.

There are clandestine laboratories where they replace the ingredients with others of low quality, they include lead, mercury and they do not take care of hygiene and have found urine, bacteria, etc. 

Unfortunately, although we try to avoid them, sometimes they look so real that we can get confused, we have to be very attentive to the price that the product is sold, the point of sale and the parcel.

We suggest you watch this documentary to delve much more into the subject and be careful when buying any type of cosmetic, remember that brands have the obligation to show them the ingredients of the product and all the information according to Mexican labeling regulations and of course that the laboratory where the product is made has the permits required by the Mexican government. 

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