Minimalismo para una vida con sentido

Minimalism for a meaningful life

A few days ago I saw the documentary " Minimalism: a documentary about the important things " where they talk about the importance of learning to live under the motto "less is more" a virtue that today is more difficult than ever. 

We live in an era of consumerism, we want everything and nothing is enough, every year a new phone comes out, cheaper clothes (fast fashion) and so much more; out of all this situation the "minimalist" movement was born in the United States.

Joshua and Ryan, ideologists of this movement come to the conclusion that the accumulation of objects does not lead to happiness, so why do we want to be buying and consuming in such an excessive way? In this documentary they come to the conclusion that it is a constant source of dissatisfaction. 

I invite you to watch this documentary and evaluate its consumption, do we really need so many things to feel complete?

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