Mitos sobre el uso del champú y acondicionador sólidos.

Myths about using solid shampoo and conditioner.

We are in 2021 and are you still using super liquid shampoo and conditioner We understand that making this change leaves you uncertain, perhaps questions such as: how is it used? Will my hair get dry? Is it like body soap?

We know that it is not easy and here we answer your questions:
How is it used? Wet your hair and pass it from roots to ends or circular movements, there you will begin to see the foam, once you have foam, massage your scalp as with liquid shampoo.

Will my hair be dry?
With Naturalmente shampoo and conditioner you will not be dry, the combination of ingredients benefits your hair, cleanses it and detangles with the conditioner.

Is it like body soap?
No, they are totally other ingredients and they have nothing to do with it, your hair will be like when you wash it with liquid shampoo.

Which has benefits? Why should it change?

  • Its preparation requires less water.
  • Zero plastics, therefore it is ecological and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • The waste generated by a Naturally Solid shampoo and conditioner is friendly to the planet because it is natural.
  • You can travel with it by plane and you will have no problems taking it with you in a carry-on suitcase.
  • Your shampoo and conditioner will not spill in your suitcase because they are solid.

What are you waiting for?
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