Para bien (o para mal): reseña del capítulo de aceites esenciales

For better (or worse): essential oils chapter review

This docuseries tells us about the positive and negative aspects of the essential oils industry, we can see several testimonials of very beneficial situations and others not so many.

One of the testimonials is from a hospital where comprehensive therapies are given for pain and anxiety with essential oils. People treated with these therapies show significant improvements, this thanks to a combination of medicine with aromatherapy.

We see how a person certified in clinical aromatherapy explains to us that essential oils should NOT be ingested, as this can damage our mucous membranes and cause other internal damage. Essential oils work by smearing or inhaling them with a diffuser.

The problem is when they assure you: "this essential oil cures cancer" or "cures X disease" since there are not enough studies to be able to affirm this. Trials have been done in groups of people where one group was given lavender essential oil and the other medication to control anxiety, both of which lowered their anxiety level in the same way.

We have to remember that ECs are auxiliary, by themselves they do not heal and what works for some does not work for all.

The best known brands of essential oils are from marketing networks (pyramid or multilevel business). We see in this episode the story of the owner of one of these brands, about bad business practices and how they ensure functions of essential oils that are not real.

We have the example of a person who began to use lemon essential oil in her water every day and took capsules with essential oil mixtures every day, she had a very severe rash all over her body, she relied on Facebook groups, even He decided to consult a doctor, there he realized that taking EC was causing the rash.

The essential oils are auxiliary, are not everything, but they do help, every body is different and do not work the same for everyone. Essential oils are very good if they are used correctly.

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