¿Por qué incluímos semillas en nuestros productos?

Why do we include seeds in our products?

You may have noticed that some of our products have live seeds in their caps, why do we do it?

At Naturalmente we are always looking for a way to help our mother earth, she has given us so much that we want to give her something back, for this reason our products are made with natural ingredients and the packaging is compostable or made of recycled material.

But we thought that this was not enough, we wanted to go further, that is why the products in cardboard containers have live seeds in their covers so that you have the opportunity to plant them and watch them grow.

Each product has a different plant, you will find from chamomile, mint, thyme, among others.

Today that spring begins we believe that it is ideal that we start planting our own seeds, it is very beautiful to see how something we plant can grow and benefit our planet.

Learn about our products with seeds in the lid here .

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