¿Por qué ofrecer productos a granel en mi tienda?

Why offer bulk products in my store?

You have a store that is distinguished by being ecological, but you still do not offer the refill system in your products? Every day we receive messages from our followers on social networks asking about the refill system (filling of containers) and unfortunately there are almost no stores that offer it.

The demand for bulk products is growing day by day and your business cannot be left behind, if you are an entrepreneur you will agree with me that we must always find a way to "renew or die" because those who stay in the same do not advance , you need to listen to what your potential customers ask of you.

But what are the benefits of offering products in bulk in my store?
- You help your clients to reduce their carbon footprint.
- You give him more purchase options.
- You save and your customers save.
- Your customers will prefer to buy in your store because you offer this service.
- We help avoid plastics.

What are you waiting to offer your clients this service? Click here for more info.

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