¿Por qué tener un Día Internacional de la Mujer?

Why have an International Women's Day?

We can make a great list of why it is so important to have a day commemorating women , here are some important points, surely I will miss many more:

  • It is important to give visibility to feminicides : yes, we already know that men are also killed, but they are not just killed for being men, they kill us because we are women, period. 
  • The equal opportunity employment and salary : increasingly see women reaching higher positions, but still wage inequality remains an area of significant opportunity. There is still a lot of work to do.
  • The little importance that the authorities give to a report of rape and / or mistreatment (both physical and psychological). We were born in a hyper-macho world, even worse in a country (Mexico) where machismo is so ingrained that we too became it, where it is normal for our partner to control even what we wear and where we go, where if we denounce before the Authorities, the fault will always be ours (that if she came drunk, that yes, the clothes she was wearing, etc). I could give you more examples, but the whole day would go away. 
  • The  criminalization of abortion : so many women imprisoned for having abortions, but men are sent to jail for not paying child support, right? So many raped women who never asked to have a child, women and girls at risk of death and not being able to have an abortion because in addition to being illegal, it is "frowned upon" or is "sin". 
  • The sexual harassment in public places (and not so public): what if a man yells inappropriate things on the street? You die of fear and anger while the spectators laugh or are indifferent, what if there is a policeman nearby and you ask for help? The safest thing is that it does not take importance (in the best of cases). This happens a lot in workplaces, where if you don't "give in" there is no increase in salary, you don't move up the job and / or you are threatened in some way. 

Anyway, there are so many topics that we could touch, it is a very extensive topic, in which we all have to work a lot, women and men. What can we do? We could do many things, these are some alternatives: 

  • Stop sexism from woman to woman : let's start supporting each other, let's stop talking bad about that woman who got up the job, was raped and was drunk, etc. 
  • It helps the woman who is in a relationship where there is physical and / or psychological violence : many times they think that it is normal, that their partner does it "because he loves me", it is our duty as sisters to let them know. 
  • Stop judging physical appearances : if she is fatter, thinner, shorter, taller, that is not something that defines a person, nor the clothes they are wearing. 
  • Do not criticize the way you live your sexuality : the way we live our sexuality is only our concern, it is something intimate and others have no right to criticize or call us X just because we have different points of view towards this issue.  
  • Let us fight for a country where we are not convicted of having an abortion, where we are not found guilty; This is a very important public health and safety issue. 

Let us in the fight! Let's work and have faith that one day, all the effort made today will bear fruit for the next generations of women.



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