Preguntas frecuentes: DESODORANTE NATURAL

Frequently Asked Questions: NATURAL DEODORANT

These are some of the most frequent questions we are asked about our deodorants:

Am I going to sweat?
Yes, if you are going to sweat, sweat has nothing to do with scent, scent is caused by bacteria not sweat. We need to understand that sweat is not bad, it is your body discarding what it does not need.

Do you have anti-perspirant?
NEVER! Antiperspirant clogs your pores, why would you want to clog your pores? Not to sweat? again ... sweat is not the cause of the bad smell.

What seed did I get?
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My deodorant stick is very hard, what do I do?
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How do I use my deodorant stick?
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I feel like I'm sweating more!
Your body will go through a transition, it will realize that you are no longer plugging the pore and it will want to remove as much as possible, keep using the natural deodorant so that your body can get used to it. Note: this does not happen in 100% of the cases.

My armpit got stained!
There are people who are allergic to some ingredients or do not know that they are allergic to any, that is why we recommend discontinuing its use and changing it to mineral deodorant. It is very important that out of every 100 people this happens from 3 to 2 people approximately. You can exfoliate your armpit and the stain disappears after a few days.

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