¿Qué semillita me tocó?

What little seed did I get?

If you bought some of our products in a cardboard container, you will notice that the lid has instructions for planting the seeds that come right there. 

To find out which seed you got here is a guide:

  • Lip balm: chamomile
  • Body cream: mint

Stick deodorant

  • Cedar-cypress: thyme
  • Peppermint: fine basil
  • Natural: parsley
  • Tea tree-mint: spinach 

These are the steps: 

  • Peel off the sticker from the lid you will find a cotton ball and seeds.
  • You can place the cotton with the seeds in a glass jar if you want to plant it already or directly in the ground. 
  • Another option is, once the product is finished, with the lid on, remove the base of the container (thus pushing the product), just put the cotton with the seeds in the bottom of the lid.
  • Water it once a day and put it in a sunny spot.

When it is necessary to transplant it, just transfer it to a larger pot or directly to the garden. 

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