Reseña del documental "Besa el suelo"

Review of the documentary "Kiss the ground"

This documentary is one of those that you have to see several times, it is great, it motivates you to want to sow, to want to start your compost, it opens your mind to easy alternatives to help reduce the pollution of our planet.

In general, it teaches us that the answer to the brake on climate change is in the ground. How? The earth has the capacity to store carbon and transform it.

He tells us about how agriculture can be profitable without having to use pesticides, without damaging the soil, if you use compost your harvest will be even more delicious and full of flavor.

You will see Tom Brady and Heidi Klum among other artists who are leaders and who have carried this message out there, especially in a country like the United States that did not want to sign the Paris treaty, during Trump's term. Fortunately, Joe Biden 

He signed it again within days of arriving at the White House.

We can see activists who go all over the US training farmers to continue their work but in a sustainable way, which coincidentally is how it was originally done, without pesticides and plowing the soil in a special way.

We will see a girl who learned about this method and decided to start her business collecting organic scraps from restaurants in her city, she composts all the "waste" and turns it into good little soil to plant.

Really, they urgently need to see it, I'm sure they will be motivated to want to kiss the ground.

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