Seaspiracy: documental de Netflix

Seaspiracy: Netflix Documentary

This week we want to emphasize how important it is to take care of our mother earth and for this we want to recommend you to watch this Netflix documentary: Seaspiracy.

In this documentary, created by a director who loves the oceans, you will see other types of damage much more serious than we as consumers are doing. Yes, straws and micro-plastics pollute but there is something beyond that that is killing marine animal life.

Excessive fishing, fishermen's nets, sacrificing dolphins just to be the "competition" of fishermen, seas full of blood among many other situations is what you will see in this documentary that tries to open our eyes.

It is important to understand why we must preserve marine animal life, we have to understand that if our oceans are not healthy it will directly affect us and the well-being of our mother earth.

#Earth day

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