Un acto tan cotidiano altamente perjudicial para el planeta

Such a daily act highly damaging to the planet

What impact does the use of soaps and detergents have on the environment?

When putting our clothes in the washing machine using your favorite detergent, what happens with your garment is that it is covered by chemical agents, present in most detergents, called surfactants (surfactants), and they are in charge of removing the dirt of your clothes while perhaps also perfuming it or giving it more shine. So far our story is going great, but ...
what happens to those surfactants after you use them?
Surfactants have a part that is diluted in water and another that rejects it, such as water and oil. When the washing cycle concludes, the used water (with detergent) will go down the drain, which ends up leading its contents to rivers and seas; for example, the CDMX drainage empties into the Tula and Pánuco rivers, until it discharges into the Gulf of Mexico.

Upon reaching rivers and seas, detergents become the protagonists of a distressing event called eutrophication of waters, in which algae are overcharged by surfactants. That the algae or microalgae are overfed causes:

💧 Their overgrowth
💧 It becomes extremely difficult for them to be disposed of by aquatic animals
💧 They become attractive to bacteria and attract thousands of them
💧 Between algae and bacteria, the oxygen needed to sustain other life forms in the environment is depleted water (that is, they suffocate, make sick and kill fish).
💧 Water circulation is seriously affected by filling its bottom with dead animals.
💧 The water turns cloudy, green or yellow, and starts to smell bad.

"All this for washing my wardrobe. Now what can I do?"
The answer today is simpler, since every time scientific and technological research allows us to find 100% natural detergents and degreasers on the market, which achieve the task of conventional ones, but WITHOUT SURFACTANTS and without chemicals that They can harm your family and the environment.

Our waters and our lands need you. The fate of our planet is at stake and with our decisions we can change the course.
We invite you to know the cleaning products we have, free of surfactants.

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