¡Vamos al museo del ajolote!

Let's go to the museum of the axolotl!

Have you visited the museum of the axolotl?

Many of us did not know of its existence, but yes, we have a museum of the axolotl. It is a project dedicated to the preservation of this same, since it is in danger of extinction. Part of his project is for us to learn about the importance of preserving the species.

The axolotl or axolotl (Ambystoma mexianum), is an endemic amphibian of the Valley of Mexico Basin that due to pollution, urbanization and the insertion of invasive species in its place of origin, has been declared in danger of extinction in its habitat .

The axolotl is one of the most emblematic animals in Mexico, it has impressive regenerative characteristics, it is capable of regenerating an amputated limb from 0 to 100% and making it functional in just 60 days, in addition, it is a bioindicator that tells us the health of the ecosystem where it lives, among many other characteristics.

AXOLOTITLÁN was born out of the need for people to have a face-to-face approach with this magical amphibian that is not known by many Mexicans and by people from other parts of the world; We provide information on the causes of its extinction, current situation and the way in which they can be added to remove it from this category.

This museum is for the whole family, on its website you can find information about the various activities that take place, contact details and the opportunity to make a donation. Would you like to visit it?

Source: https://museodelaxolote.org.mx/

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