Vitamina C y sus beneficios

Vitamin C and its benefits

The Vitamin C is one of the favorite products of our fans, but why it has become so popular? We explain here the benefits and all the information about this wonderful ingredient:

- Anti-wrinkle: vitamin C can be very beneficial for wrinkles and scars when used constantly as it activates collagen which has a repairing effect on the epidermis.

- Depigmenting: helps to unify the tone of your skin, which helps to eliminate spots created by the sun or acne.

- Luminosity: gives your skin a healthy glow, without showing it greasy.

- Pollution: defend your skin from air pollution, functioning as a protective layer.

- Potentiator of facial care products: by applying vitamin C before the rest of your facial routine, it will help the ingredients work better by enhancing their effects, you will see results faster.

Naturalmente's Vitamin C also contains niacinamide which provides more benefits for your skin:

- It has an anti aging effect.

- Calm any irritation of your skin.

- Works as an excellent moisturizer.

- If you have oily skin it will help you control it and mattify your skin.

- Like Vitamin C, help to unify the tone of your skin and add luminosity.

Remember to always apply it to clean skin, before the rest of your facial routine.

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