Zac Efron: Feet on the Ground

Months ago I was watching this documentary that has eight episodes, where Zac and Darin (an expert in wellness issues) visit eight countries and talk to us about ecological alternatives that are being carried out in that country.

It has been highly criticized because despite having a good intention of wanting to inform us about these issues, it does not delve much into them and at the end of the day "does not fulfill its mission" and also directly criticizes Zac Efron for not being the best presenter of travel shows.

In my perspective, I think it is a very positive documentary, very light and whose mission is to provide information and entertain, in general it is a very balanced docuseries.

The couple of presenters visit Iceland to learn about renewable energy sources, France to learn about the tap water system, Costa Rica to enter an ecovillage, Sardinia where the inhabitants are the longest in the world, Lima to learn about biopiracy, Puerto Rico where they show us how they have risen after Hurricane María in a sustainable way, London where the issue of reducing garbage is discussed and ending in Iquitos.

We know that we need a change in habits in order to save our planet and the vast majority of documentaries show us the environmental situation in a very serious way, in this documentary they give us the same information but more digestible.

I totally recommend this documentary, do not expect anything complicated to understand and what I recommend the most is that if you have a friend who still does not know anything about climate change, you recommend this documentary.

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