Eligiendo una Rutina de Cuidado Facial Natural y Libre de Crueldad

Why choose a paraben-free facial care routine?

You hear a lot of "paraben free" as qualities of some products, but why exclude them? Why are they flagging them as a bad thing?

First of all, what are parabens? They are chemical compounds that are used as preservatives in the vast majority of cosmetics, they are very popular because they are very cheap.

We can find information about their toxicity, but also that they are not so bad if we do not consume them in excess. We are talking about the fact that approximately 95% of the cosmetic products (toothpaste, body cream, shampoo, soaps, facial care products, makeup, etc.) that you find in the supermarket have parabens and we use them every day, all day and You have consumed them all your life, isn't that already considered an excess?

Studies have begun indicating that excess parabens can affect the endocrine system, other studies have linked it to breast cancer since parabens were found in 90% of the biopsies performed on women with this type of cancer.

The truth is that our facial care does not need them, they do not provide us with anything, so we do have cosmetic products free of parabens and other toxic substances within our reach, why not take advantage of them?

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