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Pear Essential Oil (Pyrus Communis Essential Oil)

Pear Essential Oil (Pyrus Communis Essential Oil)

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Product: Pear Essential Oil (Pyrus Communis Essential Oil)


Our recommendation:

"Before turning thirty I was warned that I would begin to see changes in my skin, metabolism, in my hair, in my entire body, because by this age we are already aging. I started using pear essential oil in many of my daily use products such as shampoo, body cream, face cream, etc. and it's been great, I feel great preventing the signs of aging. "


  • Properties:  Antioxidant, it contains a large amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and K.
  • Cosmetic properties:  It acts as an antioxidant reducing the effects of aging on the skin and age spots, it helps to reduce hair loss and other conditions associated with the aging process.
  • Commercial presentation: Amber bottle with glass dropper. 
  • Content (ml): 5
  • SKU:  AE-0158

Never take essential oils orally and avoid all contact in the mouth and eye area. Its use is only recommended topically with conductive oil and as aromatherapy with a diffuser.

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