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Mineral Deodorant (Box C / 3 Refill Powder Units)

Mineral Deodorant (Box C / 3 Refill Powder Units)

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Product: Mineral Deodorant (Box C / 3 Refill Powder Units)

Commercial Presentation: Transparent glass bottle with natural cork natural. 
Content (gr): 30
SKU: D-0107

Description: An excellent option for those of us who are looking for a way not to generate so much waste. These refills are used to fill the 100ml Naturalmente Eco-Lógicos® mineral deodorant bottle , just empty the contents into the bottle and fill with purified or distilled water to have a new product. 100% free of parabens, alcohol, colorants and preservatives. Alum stone deodorant is 100% natural, composed of potassium alum sulfate, among other mineral salts. Neutralizes odor-causing bacteria and provides total perspiration. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free, ideal for people with sensitive skin.

  • IngredientsPotassium allum.
  • Appearance: Unscented powdered crystals.
  • How to use: Fill the bottle with purified or tap water and wait for the salts to dissolve. Apply 3 to 6 shots in each armpit, discontinue use if symptoms of irritation or discomfort appear. Product for daily use.
  • Ecology information data: Recycled and reusable glass container. Label on recycled paper.
  • Biodegradability %: 100%
  • Container handling precaution: Handling precaution, glass container.
  • Special Precautions: Transport precaution: Cover the container well and use cushioning material of plant origin.
  • In case of spillage: Because it is a biodegradable product and not classified as a dangerous chemical substance, it can be rinsed and sent to the drain.

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