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Red Mud Mask

Red Mud Mask

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Product: Red Mud Mask

Descripción: The red mud mask is ideal for treating oily skin, it helps fight acne caused by impurities in the skin. It is also an aid to treat problems such as abscesses, canker sores, cellulite, corns, eczema, muscle aches, herpes, excessive perspiration and psoriasis. 
Commercial presentation: 100% ecological packaging. Glass tube with natural cork.
Content (gr): 60
SKU: MF-0102

Description: 100% free of colorants, artificial preservatives and parabens.

  • Composition: Silica, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, sulfates, carbonates, manganese and traces of others.
  • Appearance: Fine powder.
  • How to use: Mix the clay with water until a homogeneous paste is obtained, apply to the desired area and remove when it loses moisture.
  • Ecology information data: Recycled and reusable glass container. Label on recycled paper.
  • biodegradability %: 100%
  • Container handling precaution: Handling precaution, glass container. 
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